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Still Prejudiced Regarding Hot Tubs?

Chances are you totally have the wrong impression, prejudiced by visions of spas from well over three decades ago. Let’s take a few moments to address some of these misconceptions and provide the current facts regarding hot tub ownership in the 21st Century.

1. “It’s going to cost me a small fortune to operate a hot tub!”

In the late 1970’s and 1980’s it’s true that a decent amount of electricity was required to operate a hot tub, but that is no longer the case. Picture all those gas guzzling vehicles that were on the road during that era. Now, compare them to the fuel-efficient cars on the highways today. With the advancements in technology, hot tubs have become much less expensive to operate. The highest estimate for the majority of spa models is $35 per month for outdoor equipment and as low as $10.50 monthly for indoor installations. That equates to only $0.35 per day to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub in your home. Not a bad investment.

2. “It will take forever for the water to heat to a comfortable level. I don’t want to wait when I want to use my hot tub.”

The majority of current model hot tubs include programmable control options, permitting you to set the thermostat to reach a specific temperature at a given time. Additionally, newer models are crafted to maintain heat by utilizing full foam insulation, keeping the heat inside the spa. High quality covers are also available to seal tightly around the edges, complete with heat seals, providing even more toasty warmness to remain inside. What does this all mean? Your hot tub will be warm and ready whenever you are.

3. “Maintaining a hot tub is a lot of work. I have a hard enough time taking care of my dog!”

Today’s hot tubs are available with the latest technology to keep your water fresh and clean. Two of the leaders in the spa industry, Hot Spring and Caldera each offer incredible accessories to help keep the water sparkling clear for each and every use.

Hot Spring products utilize a chlorine-free oxidizer which dissolves instantly and eliminates any unwanted impurities which tended to accumulate in older hot tubs. Caldera offers their own in-line water care system using filter cartridges, with no need to measure chemicals or be concerned about the purity of the water you are relaxing in.

4. “Hot tubs take up a lot of space and actually look really gaudy.”
Maybe you should really take a look at how sleek and stylish hot tubs have become. Today’s models are able to seat two comfortably all the way up to eight or more. The truth is, whatever size area you have available, there is a hot tub that will fit perfectly. There’s never been a larger selection of spas to suit everyone’s lifestyle, space limitations and needs. And did we mention how these hot tubs have evolved into the sleek, sexy centerpiece of so many backyards?

5. “We’re so busy, between the kids and work, we really won’t have time to use a hot tub.”

Actually, if that is your true opinion, you could benefit from a hot tub more than anyone! Recent research states there are more hot tubs in use than in-ground swimming pools. A big reason for this is the health benefits associated with spa ownership.

Satisfied owners have stated they enjoy their hot tub several times a week, for a variety of reasons including relaxing before sleep, reducing stress after work as well as reconnecting with friends and family. With the addition of entertainment options available for most current models, many spa owners are now viewing their backyard as a bonus room to their home.

It’s always best to never judge a book by the cover. If you haven’t looked into spa ownership based on previous opinions, now may be the time to do some independent research. Hot tubs are quickly becoming a valuable addition offering several leisure options to many families. With affordable pricing, customized options and built in energy efficient technology, spa ownership may finally be on your radar. If you have any questions regarding hot tub ownership feel free to contact one of Seven Seas Pools locations.


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