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Hot Spring ® Hot Tub Accessories


Use your hot tub all year long with the CoolZone System from HotSpring®. This innovative technology allows you to both heat and cool your spa water temperature, which is not possible in most spas. The CoolZone System is perfect for those who want a cool, refreshing dip during a hot summer day and a warm, relaxing soak at night. To do this, the system works with your spa’s heater to raise the temperature in just a few hours so you can get the most use out of your hot tub.


With the CoolZone system, your spa is the perfect spot for the kids to play and cool off, or for you to unwind after a long day in the summer heat! This allows you to enjoy your hot tub any time of the day, in any weather.


The CoolZone System helps improve energy-efficiency. It can reduce the amount of time you must run the No-Fault® heater in order to keep your spa water hot. This means that you start saving instantly!

Soothing Hydrotherapy

With the CoolZone System, you can cool your water down to as low as 60 degrees! This feature is perfect for those with muscle pain athletes who need the soothing relief for muscles after a hard workout.

Making the Switch to CoolZone

Get the most use out of your hot tub all year long while soothing sore muscles with CoolZone. What are you waiting for? Call us today!

Hot Tub Cover & Lifters

A good hot tub cover not only keeps in the heat and protects your tub against the elements, it also saves you money in the long run. A good cover will ensure that you can enjoy your hot tub year after year.

Why You Need a Hot Tub Cover & Lifter:

  • Protects your hot tub from the elements and debris
  • Insulates the heat and lowers your utility cost
  • Keeps your hot tub cover off the ground when in use
  • Makes your hot tub cover easy to life and store away

Spa Steps

Compliment your new hot tub steps that are both practical and beautiful. Our Hot Tub Steps come in a variety of styles, from affordable Polymer Steps, to a more customized look of the Soapstone® steps.

Everwood® HD Steps

This premium 32” step is an enhanced version of our industry-leading Everwood step, specifically designed to match the new Hot Spring Everwood HD cabinet.

32” Everwood® Steps

Made from rigid polymers, this heavy-duty, wear-resistant step makes it easy to step in and out of your spa. Designed to match the Everwood cabinet, this step features rich colors and a natural wood appearance.

Spastone® Steps

Spastone Steps offer style and safety, providing the largest surface area of all the steps. With their rich texture, colors and stacked stone appearance, these steps are naturally appealing. Available in Earth and Gray.

32” Polymer Steps

This spa step is both affordable and lightweight, but by no means flimsy. This proprietary design is durable to withstand mother nature. As an added benefit, if the step does need to be replaced, it’s 100% recyclable.