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Star Series Accessories

The Carvin Star Series of accessories add fun and ambiance to your Carvin above ground pool. The Star Series is designed to blend innovative features into specific Carvin pool models seamlessly. The Star Series includes backlit water features that can be controlled with a single remote, allowing you to choose from 7 static colors in addition to stroboscopic effects, gradual color changes, and speed adjustment. The StarBright water outlets can also be synchronized with the rest of the pool's water features. The Star Series is compatible with both the Gold and Platinum Series above ground pools from Carvin.


Transform your backyard into a tranquil oasis with the Carvin Starjet above ground pool accessory. It's easy installation process makes adding luxury to your outdoor space a breeze. Immerse yourself in the soothing atmosphere created by the backlit water jet. Personalize your pool's ambiance with adjustable color and intensity options. The tubing and cables are concealed under the ledges for a modern look. This compatible with Carvin's Gold and Diamond Series and is compatible with Carvin's Gold and Diamond Series pools seat. Experience serenity and style in your pool with the Carvin Starjet.


The Carvin Above Ground Pool StarGlow - Star Series is a premium pool lighting solution that boasts integrated Carvin lights and adjustable color and intensity options. Whether it's a splash-filled family gathering or a peaceful solo dip, this light will bring your pool to life. And it's compatible with the Carvin Gold and Diamond Series pools, making it an excellent choice for anyone that owns one of these Carvin above-ground pools. Unlock the true beauty and brilliance of your Carvin Above Ground Pool with the StarGlow - Star Series!

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