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Salt Water Pool Chlorination Systems

Chlorine pools have long been the traditional choice for homeowners looking to invest in a relaxing backyard oasis. Unfortunately, rejuvenating leisure time has become increasingly difficult to fit into busy schedules, and the maintenance that comes with chlorinated pools is too much of an upkeep for many families. Salt water pools offer the same backyard luxuries as traditional chlorine-based swimming pools, but need fewer chemicals and require minimal maintenance.

Although the salt water pools installed by Seven Seas are not chemical free, they do not involve the constant chemical maintenance that standard chlorinated pools require. Our salt water pools prevent you from having to buy, transport, and store chemical compounds by using a salt chlorine generator from Pentair. This generator keeps your pool swim-ready by using common table salt to chlorinate your pool.

The chlorine levels produced by salt water systems, while effective enough to keep your pool safe, are far lower than the levels produced by chlorinated pools. In addition to saving time and money on pool chemicals, with salt water systems, you can also prevent the harmful effects of high chlorine levels.

Salt water chlorination systems can offer the following benefits:
  • No red, irritated eyes
  • No dry, itchy skin
  • Less harsh on hair
  • More suitable for asthma sufferers
  • More suitable for allergy sufferers

How Does Salt Water Chlorination Work?

The salt used in salt water chlorination systems is produced by concentrating sodium chloride to about 1/10th of the salt concentration found in the ocean. Once the salt chlorine generator is attached to your swimming pool’s filtration system, the salt passes through the filter and into your pool. As the water passes through the generator, the chloride in the salt begins the process of simple electrolysis. Electrolysis oxidizes the chloride into a chlorine gas. This chlorine gas sanitizes your pool and keeps the water clean.

The chlorine gas will continue to spread throughout your water until the process is reversed and the gas becomes sodium chloride (salt) again. The repetitive transformation of chloride into chlorine gas eliminates the need to manually add chlorine to your salt water pool. The salt water chlorination system constantly filters the water, keeping your pool safe from bacteria and swim-ready.

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