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What Will Be The Main Use Of Your Spa?

There are several sizes and varieties of hot tubs available. Do you plan on using it primarily for entertaining? Will it mainly be used for medicinal reasons to help ease the pain of arthritis, sore muscles and back pain? Do you envision romantic evenings under the stars with your significant other?

All of these uses are legitimate reasons to purchase a hot tub, but it’s important to identify the primary use in order to select the proper size spa you will require. We offer hot tubs large enough to accommodate a dozen people comfortably as well as smaller spas intended for two. Images of all models from the leading brands such as Hot Spring, Caldera Spas & Hot Spring Spas can be found on our Hot Tub Page.

Indoor Or Outdoor?

Now that you’ve decided the size and main use of your spa, where will you install it? If you choose to place your hot tub inside there are some specifics to consider.

Indoor Spa Requirements

  • Plenty of space. Take detailed measurements to ensure your selected spa will fit comfortably in the intended area.
  • Ventilation. Steam generated from the hot tub will need to be extracted out of the home. This concept can be a deal breaker for some, as it sounds very involved, but don’t worry. If you really want your spa installed indoors, we can provide you with affordable solutions.
  • Adequate Floor Support. A hot tub full of water is extremely heavy. The floor that will be supporting the spa needs to be examined to ensure it can handle the weight. Outdoor installation is more common, but there are still some items to keep in mind.

How Often Will You Use Your Spa?

Just like any product, the more you use your spa the more you will need to maintain it. Take into consideration how much electricity will be required to operate your hot tub as well as how frequently you will need to clean it. We offer a large selection of water care products to ensure your hot tub is clean and fresh for each use.

Post Sale Support

You’ve made it this far! Have you narrowed down your choices? If not, that’s ok, you can always visit one of our convenient locations or call your local Seven Seas store with any questions. Once you have decided on the size, use and location of your new hot tub we will be happy to review your options with you! We also offer excellent financing options for spas in order to get you in one as soon as possible. But it doesn’t end there. We’re available after the sale to help you with your maintenance questions as well.

By Ron Perkins


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