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Tempurpedic Mattresses at Seven Seas

You wake up in the morning with aches and pains. You never quite feel refreshed. Your partner tosses and turns, driving you crazy ALL night. Come morning, you are tired and feel like you are ready to go right back in bed.

It’s settled. You need a new mattress.

Discover the Tempur-Pedic Collection that is right for you


Softest of the Tempur-Pedic line. The foam in these beds is designed for maximum contouring, something good for many side sleepers.

  • Prima
  • Supreme
  • Supreme Breeze
  • Elite
  • Luxe
  • Luxe Breeze


This mattress uses both proprietary foam layers and individually wrapped micro-coils for medium density that behaves more like the bounce of innerspring mattresses. These are best for people who don't like the feeling of all memory foam but still want the contouring benefits.

  • Prima
  • Supreme
  • Supreme Breeze
  • Elite


Firmest of Tempur-Pedic line. It provides the most support, which is especially useful for those suffering from lower lumbar pain or back sleepers. It contains prssure relieving materials that encourage proper positioning and discourage tossing and turning.

  • Supreme
  • Elite
  • Elite Breeze
  • Rhapsody Luxe

Innovation Inside Every Collection

SmartClimate® System

A top layer of moisture-wicking fabric draws moisture away, while an inner layer provides cool-to-the-touch comfort.

EasyRefresh® Top Cover

Zips off and on in a flash—thanks to an accessible 360º zipper—for easy machine washing.

TEMPUR-Breeze® Cooling System

An integrated system of technologies to help keep your body cooler as you sleep.

Get your best night sleep starting at $43/month for 60 months!

OFFER ENDS 04/30/2024

Try a Tempur-Pedic in Person at Seven Seas

We are pleased to offer Tempur-Pedic’s line of mattresses. Instead of taking a risk with online shopping, it's important to feel the mattress yourself.

You can test out the different Tempur-Pedic lines right in our store where experienced salespeople are available to give you advice and help you choose a bed based on your specific needs.

Don’t sleep on your old, lumpy mattress one night longer – we can’t wait to help you get the best night’s sleep of your life!

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What are the benefits?

Traditional innerspring mattresses force the body to flatten to their surface rather than contouring to the body. You can add toppers to reduce the strain of that flattening, but if you have severe back pain or you’re a side sleeper, you probably can’t get a comfortable position.

Memory foam mattresses are designed with several layers that conform to the natural curve of your body rather than the other way around to distribute weight better. In most Tempur-Pedic models, two foam layers contour effortlessly to the curves of the body. As you position yourself to sleep, the give hugs your midsection but gives way to the broader curves of your hips and shoulders.

Below this foam is another layer of denser foam. The support layer prevents you from sinking too deeply into the top so that your spine remains in proper alignment. It gives you better lumbar support and maintains the integrity of the bed.

In some of Tempur-Pedic’s hybrid mattresses, there is a layer of individually wrapped coils below the foam to provide the support layer. If you like the bounce of innerspring mattresses but are still experiencing pain from pressure points, a hybrid style might be a good choice.

This style of mattress offers better sleep quality and deeper relaxation. When you sleep well, the rest of your health follows suit. This means no more waking up feeling exhausted already!

What are the other benefits of memory foam?

Tempur-Pedic's memory foam isn’t just for support. It also helps reduce something called motion transfer between sleeping partners – or furry companions.

With a regular innerspring mattress, the coils are linked together. When you move one section of coil, it sends a shockwave throughout the rest. You feel each movement just like it’s right on next to you regardless of where the original motion occurred.

Memory foam has no coils, so when partners move around, there’s very little motion transfer. If your partner tosses and turns all night, reduction of motion transfer translates to a more peaceful night’s sleep. The motion won’t constantly jar you out of your sleep cycle.

An outside benefit of reducing motion transfer is that you aren’t subject to the heaviest person in the bed either. Because coils are interlinked, the heavier sleeper pulls them in the direction of his or her weight. This creates a cavity spot that causes the other partner to roll towards the depression.

Memory foam maintains its shape regardless of the weight of each partner. If there’s a significant difference between partners, the lighter sleeper can still have a flat surface to lay on. You each make your own mold in the foam and rest there.

Is it suitable for side sleepers?

Memory foam is particularly beneficial for side sleepers. Side sleepers frequently experience pain from pressure points in the hips and shoulders. Traditional mattresses have the potential to push back too hard on the body and throw those curves out of alignment.

With memory foam, the support layers don’t push back as hard, so as you sink into the mattress, it conforms to your particular body type. Even if you frequently sleep in “sprinter’s position” with one leg straight and one leg bent, memory foam can help correct poor positioning and over rotation of the hips by giving where it should and supporting in other areas.

What about other positions?

You can now choose how soft or firm you’d like your mattress to be. If you need more firm support as a back sleeper, and because of lumbar pain, memory foam can be tailored to that need.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, it can also be tailored softer while still maintaining a firm enough foundation to prevent the Superman (an overextended back with pressure points throughout the shoulders). Even better, you can try out mattresses at our Seven Seas store locations!

Do they work with my adjustable bed frame?

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are designed to mold to an adjustable bed frame. The foam is pliable, so you can replace your current adjustable bed mattress without worrying about losing your benefits.

But isn’t memory foam hot?

In the early days, many people complained that the foam trapped heat close to the body. While they slept more comfortably in terms of pain, their core body temperatures were too high to provide restful sleep.

The company heard those complaints, and the mattress technology has come a long way to solve the temperature problem.

Now, all the foam throughout the mattress (and the coils in the hybrid) are designed to help wick moisture away from the body. They’re also better at redistributing heat through open cell foam that allows better air flow. Some even have gel infused layers that conduct heat away from the body and redistribute it evenly throughout the mattress.

Who is Temper-Pedic?

Temper-Pedic was brought to the United States in 1992, but Tempur material was first developed by NASA to help astronauts with support during lift-off.The Tempur material is proprietary and uses NASA’s original research to help distribute weight better than innerspring mattresses and give you the feeling of weightless sleep. This space age technology has only gotten better since Tempur-pedic’s early days.