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Why Inflatable Hot Tubs Don’t Save You Money.

January 19, 2022

A cheap inflatable hot tub may cost less at first, but are they worth the investment even at the lower price? Read on to learn why blow up hot tubs might just be hot air. Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth The Frugal Price? Getting an outdoor hot tub is the....

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5 Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

August 05, 2015

We all know that owning a hot tub is a great benefit to one’s mental health - with enticingly hot water, gentle jets and an overall relaxing atmosphere, how can it not? It’s hard to deny that the benefits of a hot tub are amazing, and not only.... Read Article

7 Essential Pool Safety Rules

June 18, 2015

Summer is here and what better way to celebrate the hot, sunny weather than a dip in the swimming pool? In honor of Swim a Lap Day (yes, it’s a real holiday!) on June 24th, we’re sharing 7 essential pool safety tips that will keep your water-loving family happy.... Read Article

5 Fruity Poolside Snacks To Make This Weekend

May 15, 2015

There’s nothing quite like a pool party on a sunny, summer afternoon. Whether it’s a party of one or one hundred, you’re definitely going to need some snacks after you apply that sunscreen. With summer on the brain, and fresh fruit in season, we pulled together our.... Read Article

10 Reasons It’s Worth It To Own An Inground Pool

May 06, 2015

We’re really ready for summer. We can’t wait for the long days, the backyard cookouts and, of course, the in-ground pools. Pittsburgh has nice, long summer seasons that provide perfect swimming pool weather that we feel like everyone should enjoy. We’ve got 10 reasons to prove this is.... Read Article

4 Time-Saving Swimming Pool Maintenance Hacks

March 17, 2015

Spend less time maintaining and more time swimming with these four pool maintenance hacks. When the weather is perfect and your inground swimming pool beckons you, you don’t want to have to worry about swimming pool maintenance. You’d rather hop right in and enjoy the rest of your.... Read Article

How To Grill In The Winter

January 13, 2015

Bring a little sizzle to your home this winter with these cold weather grilling tips. We know that backyard cookouts are traditionally reserved for the summer months. But here at Seven Seas Pools and Spas, we believe grilling is a year-round sport, and with this winter weather, you could probably.... Read Article

5 Gift Ideas For Your Pool-Owning Loved One

December 17, 2014

​Blow your loved ones out of the water with these holiday gift ideas! Traditional holiday gifts such as socks or kitchenware are useful, but easily forgotten. We’ve got some gift ideas for your pool-owning loved ones that they’ll remember, and enjoy, for years to come. Water Slides Are.... Read Article

4 Ways A Hot Tub Helps You Fight The Common Cold

November 18, 2014

What do warm, bubbly waters have in common with stuffy noses, itchy eyes and headaches? Hot tubs and head colds. Nobody guessed that? Well, the relaxing effects of hot tubs have been shown to help relieve common cold symptoms. Here’s just a few ways you can use your bubbly.... Read Article

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